Our Approach


Our intentions are to set a new trend in urban where it is welcome everywhere internationally. We set the highest standards to our clothing line and intend for it to remain that way. Designs are created to define a person’s feeling, and that’s how we do our thing.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you


The Values

Nothing is more important then the Emphasis we put into our values. We strive to make everything that we put out on the market, simple, clean, and impactful. Regardless we always put our minds to our consumers.



Uniqueness is our style, Individuality is our goal.


Believe It

It starts with a dream, and determination to keep it going.


Live It

It isn’t just about clothing, it’s about a lifestyle.



We believe that one group should be entitle to anything, it’s why we made it for everyone.


Believe It

We intended this to be for everyone, it’s about the movement and those who follow with it.


Live It

We think, we breathe, we live this, and this is how we share it.

Our Story


The beginning

It wasn’t always about fashion in the beginning, LAA roots took place in Philadelphia, PA. “Hustling had always been in the mind, creating ways to make money was the only way to live”. Coming from a background of a southeast Asian family that came to American during the reign of Pol Pot the notorious leader of the Khmer Rogue Regime. Life wasn’t always easy, especially for a young southeast Asian boy. Taking to the surroundings and making the best out of nothing was the southwest Philly mindset. “It’s either you have to find a hustle or go hungry. The streets was all there was, and the people who live there knew that’s all they had”. With this in mind, came the hustle to make ends meet. With no skill other than a idea and a way to intricately finesse his way with people. Without much options available the only way was going the drug route. This lead to many interactions of people of different likes, but in doing so help build a enormous respect with the streets. In turn it lead to doing events at clubs and building a brand that would later be defined as Life After America.

Searching our style

Urban has always been a thing, Hip Hop was all the craze. Fashion only meant expressing a idea physically. While everyone was craved on the latest trends, LAA took it’s separate route and focused on what it was about, Individuality. A liberal way to express yourself physically, that has always been the LAA style.

New Generation

Trends are always coming and going. LAA is not set on trying to follow these trends, but do what feels best. Which is expression of self, individuality. A common collective of oneself to many others that are alike. This is the Generation, This is the Now, and forever. This is What Life After America is.